Accessibility is incredibly important to us. It is our earnest desire to serve the entire community with this event, not just those with privilege.

Your privacy and confidentiality wishes will be honored in all communications.

If you have any questions related to accessibility, please reach out to the Accessibility Coordinator via email at

Financial Accessibility

We are committed to ensuring that ticket cost is not a barrier to entry. We want you here, whether or not you can afford the full ticket price or any ticket price. This is the process for obtaining a discounted ticket.

  1. Please register for the event using the main registration link and select the “Scholarship” ticket type. You will be prompted with questions about what would make the event affordable for you, but no one will ask you for rationale or justification.

  2. The Accessibility Coordinator will reach out to you for a brief discussion. Together, you and the Accessibility Coordinator will tailor a plan that works for you.

  3. You will then receive a detailed confirmation email, with payment instructions if applicable.

Physical Accessibility

The 1st floor of the venue is wheelchair accessible. That will contain lesson spaces, social dancing, live music, the Performance Showcase, etc. There is an external elevator which can be used by those with mobility concerns to access the second floor, where we plan to run some classes and maintain a quiet space.

Other Types of Accessibility

Our community is made up of a wide array of needs and abilities, many of which are often under-served. While we cannot guarantee meeting every need, we are committed to putting effort into making our event more accessible to anyone who wishes to attend. We encourage you to email the Accessibility Coordinator with any ideas or concerns you may have.

Some ideas of needs we would be happy to discuss:

  • Childcare support

  • Mobility assistance

  • Language interpretation

  • Transportation

  • Sensory processing sensitivity

  • Any concern, whatsoever!

Some things we are already doing to increase accessibility:

  • Our policy reduces common allergens. Hi-Fi policy prohibits the following in the event space and within 100 feet of entrances:

    • Peanuts and peanut butter

    • Bananas

    • Cucumbers

    • Melons

    • Latex

    • Smoking, vaping, and marijuana

    • Strong scents, such as cologne, perfume, spray deodorant, and essential oils.

    • Pets (service animals are not considered pets)

  • All bathrooms will be all-gender.

  • There will be a low-stimulus quiet room.

  • Parents/caretakers can share a single event pass. (upon request prior to the event)

Smoking Area

We recognize that some people are very sensitive / allergic to smoke, and that others rely on smoking for their health. We ask that anyone who needs to smoke goes to the Fremont Canal Park to do so.

smoking area hifi.png

Again, the Accessibility Coordinator can be reached at