Welcome, we’re so glad you want to work with the Hi-Fi team!

We're looking for three individuals (one for each night of the event) who are inspired & excited to be the face/voice of Hi-Fi. 

Emceeing is a role of high-visibility, and we want to provide an equal opportunity for anyone who has the chops and is ready for a bigger stage! 

Apply HERE by 11:59pm PDT on 9/22/19 

THEN COMPLETE a  1-3 min video audition

NOTE: Your application is not complete without this video!!


  1. Please take a video of yourself performing this script as an Emcee. 

    (We’re intentionally giving you bullet points to riff on and string together as sentences. )

  2. Please improvise and engage us in this information:

    • Welcome to High-Fidelity Fusion’s opening night

    • We’re glad you’re here

    • Exciting line-up tonight

    • Here’s what’s on the schedule: (name pronunciation guide in parentheses: All-caps indicates primary stressed syllable; first-letter-cap indicates secondary stressed syllable; all lower-case indicates unstressed syllable)

    • DJs: A’lan Abruzzo (Ah-LON Ah-BROO-tso), Eleanor Chen (ELLE-ah-Nor Chehn), Emiliano Estevez (eh-Mill-ee-AH-no ESS-ta-Vezz), River Bradley (Standard pronunciation for both words)

    • Live Act: David Keogh (Standard Pron for first name, last name: KEY-oh) @midnight

    • Food at 1am!

    • Here’s your first DJ

  3. Email your video to showcase@highfidelityfusion.com

Expectations if you’re hired:

  • You will be responsible for one full night of emceeing at the event. This is an 8 hr commitment. 

  • EMCEE attire of your choosing - something that makes you stand out/ look nice. 

  • You will receive a script, which you can keep in hand, but you need to be able to “speak” more than you are “reading.”

  • You might be coached! Be open to taking notes on how to improve your delivery.(Notes will only come from Lessa or Eliza.)

  • This is a PAID staff position with a stipend, which also includes a full-weekend pass.