Hi-Fi Partner Program

Are you an organizer or an active community member outside of Seattle, interested in attending Hi-Fi?

Would you like your friends from your scene to come dance with you at our event? we want to help you make it happen! 

How it works: 

  1. We’d love to send you a promotions packet, either digital only, or a combination of digital and print materials (including stickers!). You can distribute these personally or make announcements in your scene at a cadence of your choosing. 

  2. We realize that you’re signing up for some extra responsibility and effort on top of the time you already put into building your scene. So we want to offer you a <<FREE>> ticket for your personal admission to our event! (You can gift this at your discretion.)

  3. Collaboratively, we will establish a realistic goal for Hi-Fi attendance from your scene, which we’ll track with registrants listing you as their referral. If we hit that goal, we’ll give you another Hi-Fi pass to distribute within your scene as you see fit.

  4. In late August/ early September  we’ll have a call with all the folx in our partner program to give you more juicy, early access info about the event and answer any of the questions coming to you from potential attendees in your local scene. 

  5. DURING Hi-Fi, we’ll host an organizer/ instructor/ DJ only Meet & Greet with all the partner program members, and all of the applicants (hired or not hired) who applied to work at our event. This will be an incredible opportunity to share tools and meet others who are passionate about building the national/ international fusion community and inspiring new dancers. 

  6. We will return the favor by promoting your event online, and in our sponsors and thank you announcements at Hi-Fi.

What we need from you:

  1. PM @highfidelityfusion on Facebook and say YES!

  2. Your email

  3. An address we can mail your promo packet to

  4. Links to your events so we can cross-promote

If you want to know more, message us back, or check back here regularly or follow us on Facebook / Instagram @highfidelityfusion

*Full transparency: some organizers may receive this invite directly. We are posting this publicly because we assume we don’t know everyone who’s passionate about community-building and we want it to be OPEN to anyone who wants to participate. However, the happy hour during Hi-Fi will only be open to staff and the participants of this cohort.*

2019 Partner Spotlight:

These local events, and the organizers/ teachers and DJs who tirelessly work to create them, are all repping Hi-Fi regularly we are so incredibly thankful!!

Would you like to add your event to our partner program and get a FREE ticket to Hi-Fi? PM our Facebook page for more details!