Kids Policy

We at Hi-Fi feel it’s important that dancers of all ages have a place within our community, and are invited to explore and engage with dance as safely and creatively as possible. To that end, we want to make sure that younger dancers are accounted for in our policies, and that older/adult community members know best practices for bringing or engaging with younger ones.

Kids are welcome at classes & dances until 11 p.m. Sleeping kids are welcome at classes & dances at all times. 

NOTE: The Performance Showcase will have some burlesque content, which includes nudity. We leave it to parent to decide whether this content is age-appropriate for their children

Kids must always have a Designated Adult.

  • Kids are responsible for knowing who their Designated Adult is.

  • One adult may be the Designated Adult for at most four children at one time.

  • When a child's behavior causes a disturbance, their Adult is responsible for it.

  • All attendees, including kids, are subject to these standards at dances: 

    • Class times are for learning, not conversation. Please take conversations outside the classroom, so as not to disrupt the learning process.

    • The dance floor is for dancing. If you need to cross the dance floor, you will go around the edge.

    • The dance area is an Inside Voices area. Keep your loud voices outside during dances.

    • People who cannot meet these standards will be asked to stay away from the class & dance areas. 

Attendee Agreements Regarding Kids:

If an attendee notices an unattended child experiencing distress near them, they will take responsibility for helping the child find their Designated Adult OR find the staff member on duty OR find another adult who will do so.

Attendees are responsible for their boundaries with children. Attendees can ask a child's Designated Adult for help, but your boundaries are yours to communicate and enforce.

It is the obligation of parents to make sure their child always has a Designated Adult.

NOTE: We offer the option for caretakers to share a single event pass upon request. Please email for info.