Pre-dance classes:

Friday and Saturday nights, at 8 pm, we will have 1 hour pre-dance classes. Everyone is welcome in these classes, even those with dance-only or single night passes.

Class descriptions are on the Event Schedule.

Daytime workshops:

We will have two leveled sets of 1.5 hour dance classes during the days on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Cyan classes are open to everyone who has a class pass.

  • Magenta classes move at a faster pace and are by audition only. Apply Here! There will also be an opportunity to audition on-site.

We also will have Consent classes for everyone, both on Saturday and Sunday! Please make an effort to attend at least one.

Class descriptions are on the Event Schedule.

Dancing On My Own - Cyan

Pomona Lake

We will deepen our listening ability and relationship to music, learn how to effectively mix rhythmic and lyrical movements, and use inspiration from clowning character work and Laban effort qualities to tune in and tune up how your body naturally moves. Get in touch with your unique movement style!

An Introduction to Mind Reading - Cyan

Shantala Davis

We will utilize somatic tools and wi-fi concepts to build a unique co-creation of partnering and play within your dance conversation and connection.

Grappling with Boundary Setting and Consent Violations - Consent

Emily Webb

Borrowing from the work of Brené Brown, Non-Violent Communication, and Emily’s 8 years of experience teaching Krav Maga (street fighting/self-defense) we are going to dive into the art of setting boundaries, accepting personal responsibility and handling consent violations in a way that fosters trust, learning and community rather than division and disempowerment. 

Get grounded in your strength to speak up even when it’s hard.  Get rooted into your skills of empathy and listening so you can compassionately respond to someone else’s truth (even if it conflicts with your own truth).  This a an hands-on, experiential workshop to grapple with the sometimes tough work of human interaction on the dance floor (and in life), in a safe and supportive environment.  Please come with a pen, paper, and your 'curiosity hat' on.

Consent Basics for Social Dancers - Consent

Ariana Coveney & Lara-Ashley Monroe (Consent Academy)

We all need to be able to talk about consent. Most of us have learned the idea that no means no, but consent goes way beyond that. It is present in our lives every single day. Explore with us how to move beyond simply giving or accepting a no. Get some tips, tricks, and tools for talking about consent and how it relates to social dance. Discuss issues pertaining to the dance community in particular, such as non-verbal requests and assumed community norms. Learn how to move towards an informed yes and a better understanding of what it means to live in a Consent Culture.

Fundamental Connection - Cyan

Heriberto Perez & Nika Obrosova

We believe that good connection is a foundation of all styles of dance that we do. We are going to explore different types of connections and find out the best way to connect to your partner, your surroundings, and yourself! 

The Get Down - Magenta

Andrew Smith

Inspired by a nerd-out session among the teachers at Motley Hue, in this class we dive into body movement you would see in different club environments. From House to Afrobeat, we'll learn a wide variety of movement vocabulary and principles so you can get down together while soloing on the floor.

The Many Music Genres of Fusion! - Cyan

Emiliano Estevez

The world has a vast amount of music and we can explore much of it as Fusion dancers! Can you leave your expectations behind and go on a journey of music? We are going to listen to multiple genres of music to explore ideas on how to authentically express how you want to dance. I will also break down a song piece by piece so you can hear the different instruments and how it comes together as a song. We will also work on partnering so you can listen to how your partner is dancing through their body and connection and use that to inspire your own dancing. Learn how to listen differently!

Rotational Medicine from the Spin Doctor - Magenta

Shantala Davis

We will utilize spinning, turning, vortex and duck techniques for building flow concepts, creative expression and play.

From Head-to-Toes Dancer Tune-up - Cyan

Emily Webb

Do you have tight shoulders? Want a rock solid axis or flawless isolations? This class will help you align your posture, mobilize your joints and solidify your balance. We will work a series of movement exercises (which you can also do at home) to reset and align your body for the best possible dancing outcomes.

Connection Masterclass - Magenta

Heriberto Perez & Nika Obrosova

In this class we will play with different types of physical connections and talk about thinking outside of the box when it comes to connecting with your partner.  We’ll explore the non-verbal cues that will make it seem like you’re a dancing Jedi Master!

Show Off - Cyan

Pomona Lake

How do you extend your connection from your partner to the entire room? How do you express yourself clearly through movement and captivate your audience? Dancers of all levels are invited to consider their dancing from a performance perspective using techniques from Pomona's clowning background, experience with dance competitions, and work as a dancer in the film industry.

Navigating Consent in Dance - Consent

Shantala Davis

We will use dance etiquettes as ways to become more familiar with Consent Culture in general, and explore how to navigate and communicate desire and boundaries in dance spaces both off and on the dance floor. Tools around self-care within a dance will be taught.

Additionally, we will learn how to translate Consensual Concepts into a dance language, allowing more freedom to flow while staying in somatic communication. We’ll create a high quality of attunement and articulation and build trust within a partnership to deepen the dance connection.

Rhythmic Musicality - Cyan

Heriberto Perez & Nika Obrosova

In this class we are going to explore the differences between dancing to rhythmic and lyrical songs. We will play around with rhythmic musical patterns and learn to add to the music with your body as an additional musical instrument. 

Harness the Flow - Magenta

Mark Carpenter

Flow state is one of the more intoxicating parts of social dancing, but without the right container it can be difficult to experience - especially as your dance skill increases. Join us in an intentional container to explore flow state and active experimentation through a series of exercises and a lot, a lot of dancing. Get and share tools to more easily sink into flow, remove barriers, expand your creativity, and innovate.

Authentic Connection - Cyan

Emiliano Estevez

How are you connecting to yourself, to your partner, and to the space? Let’s talk about how important it is to know the impact that you have when you enter a shared space. How others are impacting you, how your dance is affected by your physical and emotional state, and how to let some of it go. We will work on authentically connecting to yourself, your partner, and especially the music. 

Stillness - Cyan

Vanessa Yxcea Corpuz

Poets, painters, and printmakers all understand the power of white-space. White-space is not empty, but rather, filled with anticipation, peace, longing, angst, uncertainty, desire, contentment, suspense, and so on! Stillness in dance is the kinesthetic equivalent of white space in visual and printed art. It’s powerful. Let’s discover how to maximize the minimal and practice doing more by moving less. This is an ambi-role, all-levels fusion class.

If you have any questions about instruction or classes, please let us know at!