class descriptions


Instructors and class content are still being finalized. Specific, detailed descriptions of each class will be posted when they are available. Thank you for your patience.

We think education and consent are important. Therefore, we will offer the following instruction throughout the weekend:

Two leveled sets of dance classes during the days on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Cyan classes are open to anyone. Cyan classes will be taught so that any dancer can learn, even with little previous dance experience. To get the most out of these classes, dancers should understand the basics of leading and/or following, and body control. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

  • Magenta classes will be by audition only (see Magenta Class Audition Information below). These classes will be taught assuming proficiency in leading and/or following, and more advanced body control. Magenta classes will therefore move more quickly and cover more advanced material than Cyan classes.

Consent classes for everyone, both on Saturday and Sunday!

  • Consent is incredibly important in our community and at our event. You, as a participant in the event, are expected at all times to behave in ways that do not violate the consent of those around you, and we are here to help. We are excited to promote broad understanding of consent and its various expressions, both verbal and physical. We think it is key to creating safer spaces. The content of these classes will be approachable for newcomers to the subject, but everyone will have something to learn. We will vary between discussion, workshop, and movement-based formats. The subject matter is sure to apply both on and off the dance floor. We strongly encourage everyone to take part in these classes, but particularly those with a position in the event. To our organizers, teachers, DJs, and volunteers: please attend at least one of these classes. Help us create a community that cares for every member!

All classes will have 1-1.25 hours of traditional instruction and then 15-30 minutes of practica time. Teachers will be present through the practica time to answer your questions, play music for you, and/or give additional tips and variations. Use this time to hone the skills and techniques you learned in class, or meet up with a friend who took a different class and learn from each other.

There will be a fusion etiquette class on Friday before the dance begins. This class is open to everyone who is attending any part of the event. It will cover need-to-know information and tips from experienced dancers for those who are new to fusion or new to social partner dancing. This is also a great chance to get acquainted with the (usually) unspoken rules of the floor, or to get answers to burning questions.

Magenta class Audition Information:

At High-Fidelity Fusion, we want everyone to have access to resources that will help them become better dancers. Therefore, we have created Magenta classes geared towards those dancers who already have a strong dance background and who are serious about learning and growing in their art. We are planning for between two and four Magenta classes across the weekend. Classes will move faster and/or cover more complex topics than a typical drop-in class might. Additionally, being in a class environment with like-minded dancers and learners offers everyone valuable chances to offer and accept constructive feedback.

We want you to feel both challenged and secure in Magenta classes, so we would like to collect some information about your dance background and ambitions to structure them accordingly. We also request a video of your dancing. Magenta class audition forms are due by 11:59 pm Pacific time on Friday, September 20th. If you miss this deadline, we cannot guarantee that we will have time to consider your audition form submission. However, we will make every effort to view it and respond as we are able. There will also be an opportunity to audition during the event for those who are unable to complete the audition form. If you have any questions, please let us know at!

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