Class Structure

At High-Fidelity Fusion, we are running classes a bit differently than some other Fusion events. We will have two leveled sets of 1.5 hour dance classes during the days on Saturday and Sunday. These classes will be structured to include some practica time. Each class will have 1-1.25 hours of traditional instruction and then 15-30 minutes of practica time. Instructors will be present through the practica time to answer your questions, play music for you to dance to, and/or give additional variations. Use this time to hone the skills and techniques you learned in class, or meet up with a friend who took a different class and learn from each other.

  • Cyan classes are open to everyone who has an all-access pass.

  • Magenta classes open to those who have an all-access pass AND are available by audition only. Apply Here! Applications are DUE by 11:59 pm PDT on 10/4. These classes will move at a faster pace, and are intended to offer content tailored to the needs of experienced dancers.

We also will have Open classes, which are available to all comers, both on Saturday and Sunday! Two offer warm-ups to the evening social dances. The rest are focused on consent. We are proud to be offering consent education, and we think it is incredibly important in our dance culture and in society at large! Please make an effort to attend at least one of these offerings.

Each class listed in the Event Schedule is marked with text and a color swatch to denote what type of class it is. Key:


If you have any questions about instruction or classes, please let us know at!