This event will not provide transportation. It is left to the attendee to arrange for their own needs. To facilitate this, we offer this google sheet. Our thanks to those of you who are willing to offer rides to other attendees whose residences are equidistant or closer to Seattle than yours. We encourage you to enable those in need to contact you by posting your intent and availability here.

Note: the sheet is published here for convenience, but must be edited at the hyperlink above.


There is free parking on all streets surrounding the venue, but some of it is limited duration during the day. There is also a small private paid lot next door to the venue.

On Sunday from 10 am - 4 pm there is a craft market (the Fremont Sunday Market) a block from the venue. This means daytime parking will definitely be tighter than on Saturday. Check it out before classes, but plan to carpool, take the bus, or park a little farther away.

Seattle has Car2Go, Reach Now, and Lime cars, which are all free-floating car-share programs and can be parked in any city parking space that allows at least 30 minute parking.

Public transportation

There are several buses that you can take to within a 5 minute walk of the venue. A Metro bus ride is $2.75 and includes a transfer (if you ask for it) good for the next 3 hours that you can use on ANY Metro bus trip. Google Maps is generally an accurate resource for finding which bus routes will get you where you want to be (and most people already have it). Seattle also has OneBusAway (a smartphone app), which has transit information and usually gives the exact arrival time of the bus. It sometimes has updates about service changes. One approach to Seattle transportation uses Google Maps to get route information and OneBusAway to get down-to-the-minute arrival times. The Seattle Metro Website can also be a great resource.

  • The #40 bus is the closest, with a stop at Phinney Ave N and N 36th St, just 1 block away.

  • The #31, #32, and #62 buses stop at Fremont Ave N and N 34th St, 3 blocks from the venue.

  • The #28 Express bus stops at N 39th St and Phinney Ave N, also about 3 blocks from the venue.

  • The #5 (not the 5 Express) and #26 buses stop a few blocks further, but are still very good options for those who are able to walk for 5-10 minutes.

  • In a pinch, the #44, #5 Express, and the Rapid Ride E line will get you close enough if you are open to a solid 15 minute+ walk. It’s all downhill to the venue, but uphill on the way back to these buses!

The Burke-Gilman trail passes within 1 block of our venue if you are interested in biking or walking there. Seattle also has Lime bikes and Jump bikes (free-floating bikeshare programs).