Live Music

The Emerald Collective


Featuring Mink Taylor (she/her/hers), Stephanie Yamamoto (she/her/hers), and David Keogh (he/him/his), the Emerald Collective is back to play music for dancers by dancers, with downtempo beats layered over piano, taiko, and lush vocal harmonies.

laughing matters (josh gronner) - he/him/his

Integrating the traditional piano training of his youth with the production & composition experience of his profession, Josh Gronner embarked on a life-long exploration of sound design, and conceived a project known as Laughing Matters. Laughing Matters music offers a genre-defying soundscape of live acoustic instrumentation fused with an effortless blend of blues, bass, hip hop, glitch, classical, tango, & more.


dante zapata - he/him/his


Dante Zapata bridges the gap between music and movement. Whether his feet are on the dance floor or on the band stand, Dante’s soul feel will move you, groove you, and soothe you.
He’s a professional musician by day and a dance guru by night. “I love so many different aspects of music, dance, and life, to me there’s no difference between them.” Existing between these two creative worlds gives Dante a unique perspective on self expression.